F1 Visa Interview experience of Pratik at Hyderabad Consulate on 19-5-2016

Visa Type
Interview Date
19-5-2016 11:00 AM

VO is really very arrogant and rude and tough. He doesnt have a smile on his face. He is in some 25+ and not in 30s i guess. But may be thats some interviewing tricks, but he is really rough and tough for me.

There were 3 interviews done before me. First couple - rejected. Second guy (H1B) - approved. Third girl (F1 fresher) - rejected.

Next is me (F1). :P

Passport, i20 and bank passbooks were taken while i was still standing in the Queue.

My interview was around 20-30mins approx.

VO: Next Please

Me: Good Morning Sir (He didnt even look at me. Kept typing in computer.)

VO: How many Colleges have you applied ?

Me: I have applied for 4 Universities. Houston Clear Lake, Houston. Cleveland State University, Ohio. Kent State University, Ohio. And .....(He interrupted in between)

VO: How are you going to pay the fees ?

Me: I will be carrying my first year fees along with me.

VO: What does your father do ?

Me: He is a Govt. official working in xyz company.

VO: Whats his job ? what does he do ?

Me: He works in xyz dept.

VO: Whats his designation ? Is he a Labour ? (This hurt me, but thats okay.)

Me: Said the designation.

VO: Whats his income ?

Me: His income is xx lacs per annum.

VO: What does your mother do ?

Me: She is also a Govt. official working in xyz. Her income is yy lacs per annum.

VO: Why is this amnt transfered for ? (Moms account.)

Me: Said

VO: When did u finish your undergraduation ?

Me: In May 2014.

VO: What are you doing since then ?

Me: I have been working in an organization XYZ.

VO: How did you choose your universities ?

Me: Since i have been working, i didnt have time to go through every university....(stopped me bluntly here and he started arguing.)

VO: How many days do u work in a week ?

Me: 5 days sir, but...(arguement continues)

VO: There are 7 days in a week and you work just 5 days. Its been 2 years and you didnt have time ?

Me: Sir i do work extra hours too on the weekends.

VO: I work 6 days a week and 12hrs a day. I got worked and got my admission at the same time.

Me: Sir i have also contacted my seniors and a few Alumini about the Universities...(Interrupted me again)

VO: Did u take any loan ?

Me: No Sir.

VO: What is this x lacs of money in your mothers account ?

Me: Thats a PQR loan sir.

VO: What is that loan ?

Me: Its like my mother gets some money every month as a form of savings from the company.

VO: You are showing me so many accounts and i dont see much of money except in this account (mothers account, also he kept throwing my passbooks).

Me: Sir, Apart from that we have family savings for upto Z rupees.

VO: Then when you have so much of money, y did your mother take this loan ?

Me: Sir, Its for my beneift for my education.

VO: Its not a small amount. Its Z rupees. Y do u even need this loan then ?

Me: Sir it would be helpful for my second year fees.

VO: No i dont believe you. Tell me the truth. Why did your mother take loan when you have so much ? (He was serious all the time.)

Me: Sir, its for the balance in the accounts so that it would be helpful in the future. Apart from that we have savings. I can show the original documents as a proof for all this.

VO: You want me to look at all the documents ? (There were a pile of original docs that i have taken. He pointed towards them and said the line.)

Me: Sir, I can show you the savings account where the amount is more. Here, I have my fathers PF balance as saving.

VO: I dont see any money in the remaining accounts except this account.

Me: Sir i have also got the scholarship.

VO: I dont see any scholarship in the i20.

Me: It has been rewarded after i got the i20.

VO: Are you lying to me ?

Me: No Sir.

VO: I dont believe you.

VO: Did you take help of any third party ?

Me: No Sir.

VO: You Sure ? (He kept a sarcastic face.)

Me: Yes Sir.

VO: This is bad. I dont like this. (He said that by pointing it towards the mothers account.)

Me: Sir we still have enough savings for my education apart from that.

VO: Stop lying. I dont believe you.

Me: (Blank)(I couldnt speak a word after that tone. I just kept looking at his face for 5mins and just prayed to god. But i almost lost hopes here.)

VO: What you are doing is really bad. This is bad. I dont like this. If i find out something is wrong with this, i'll sue you and i'll ban your visa and will not let you enter into US ever again. Just GO. (This was a threatening kind of. But i didnt understand what was happening. Just GO line was really very hard. He was pointing and shaking my moms passbook and was giving me that line.)

Me: Sir is my Visa approved ? (I asked him after sometime after he told me to GO.)

VO: GO. (He simply said Go again in a harsh way. I just walked off.)

Me: Thank you Sir.

He typed something something in his system. He noted down a few points from my moms passbook. He kept the passbook and the passport with him.

May be he will check the passbook transactions with the bank directly. I have no idea about this.

There are a few things which i may forget. But my whole interview was a really big aggressive one. There are a few mistakes which i have done and which i would like to mention them. Place where i have said that i didnt have time to look for the universities bcoz of my work, i shouldnt have started with that line. That was one of the mistake.

Interview was done today. Have to wait what will happen next.

All the interviewers are not the same. So its better to prepare for the worst.

All the best guys. :)

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