F1 Visa Interview experience of Sathish Reddy at Hyderabad Consulate on 24-8-2016

Sathish Reddy
Visa Type
Interview Date
24-8-2016 11:30 AM

Counter No: 09

Date: 24th, August 2016

Status: Rejected

(3 applications rejected before me)

Dark colored, Curly Haired lady with serious looks (may be US citizen)

Visa Officer (VO): (Waved hand to come forward) (assistant took my Passport, I20 and SEVIS Receipt and submitted to VO)

Me: Good Morning Mam :)

VO: No response and (after 5 secs) asked - Which year of passed out? (looking on screen and looks me very rare)

Me: 2012 mam.

VO: What you did till now?

Me: I have worked for (@@@) company.

VO: What is your job role?

Me: Explained

VO: Why Public Health?

Me: Explained (and also i have raised few questions in her mind with my explanation)

VO: What are the health problems currently facing in India? (I absolutely didn't expected this question)

ME: Explained for about 40 secs and there's a small pause about 5 to 10 secs.

VO: Who is sponsoring you?

ME: My parents

VO: What is your Parents?

Me: Father is a contractor and mother is home maker and she is a land lord.

VO: what is your father's income?

ME: 6 and half lakhs mam. (at this stage i would have explain about all my financial income and savings and bank loan. But i don't know why i didn't explain)

VO: Your visa application is refused! (and gave me all of my documents with refusal letter)

Me: Thank you mam. (Trying to smile with sad face)

Things i have observed and things to do and to avoid:

Problem Faced: First i have imagined about VO interview at a closed air-conditioned environment. But in reality, i have end up with a bank cash-counter like situation at outside environment at Hyderabad consulate.

Advice: You have to face outside weather conditions accordingly.

Problem Faced: I have a health condition called Hyperhydrosis (over sweating) from childhood (Check about that in Wikipedia). I booked my appointment at 11:30 AM (that is the earliest for that day). It's a completely sunny day (my bad luck) I was wearing a formal wear (cotton shirt - I feel it is comfortable). But my sweating made that shirt wet and also my face and hair was almost looks like i came from rain. That made Vo to look obnoxious at me. And i tried hard to concentrate on the situation as well as wiping my face. (may be that situation looks like i feel like tensed and anxious, but which i am NOT)

Advice: Book appointment as early as possible for that day. Usually morning time VOs will be in fresh mood and they will co-operate. At afternoon, they already faced so many people, they may feel exhaust and won't able to support you while you answers. Morning time weather also supports you unless your karma wants to play with you. Seriously... :`(

Problem Faced: I know that i have to focus and never lose eye contact of VO and always smile. But i could not concentrate on the process because of weather and my body sweat, and cannot cope up with VO without wiping my face. I have a bad habbit of thinking by look into sky while giving answers (though i won't find answers written on sky). I have tried my maximum to look into her eyes and not to do any magic tricks by looking around. But i failed some times.

Advice: Feel free with VOs and always slightly widen your eyes (but don't open too much) and looks into their eyes (it appears as you feel happy with them) and put a smile on your damn face! Never look normal. It's okay if they think you're mad if you smile always. but SMILE ALWAYS! No Exception!

Problem Faced: I have answered all questions, but i don't know the right time to produce my documents to them (though i have arranged all documents in an order to give them easily) i didn't produce few of my documents which are essentials.

Advice: Buy a Harmonium folder for ease of documents access, and segregate those by category. When ever you answer about a question, provide them related documents then and there. Take out documents and immediately make eye contact while submission. It shows that you're information in Genuine and you want them to verify those (use all genuine documents, else you shall be penalized)

After all,

Prepare for worst situation. Imagine every VOs hates you (YES! They HATES YOU!), but you have to please them with your appearance and behavior. Be confident! Prepare well about your studies and read few course related articles. That might be helpful when they asks irrelevant questions which you didn't expect. Just imagine you're going on a date and you have to impress you'r GF/BF. Tell them and prove them that you have enough money and financial resources to study and survival in US (even though if you face an apocalyptic situation). Take sufficient education loan. Convince them that you ambitiously want to study in USA and come back to get a nice job / establish a business in India.

Remember! Visa interview is as simple as asking route map of an un-known place unless you make it complicated. After my first experience, i have learned so many things and i don't want to repeat those stupid mistakes and want to re-appear the interview one more time.

All the best for everyone.


Bachelors Degree: B.SC (Nursing)

IELTS: 6.0 (in all bands)

Applied course: Masters in Public Health

Intake: Fall