F1 Visa Interview experience of shehnaz shaik at Chennai Consulate on 27-11-2018

shehnaz shaik
Visa Type
Interview Date
27-11-2018 8:00 AM

Give me ur passport n i20.

So university of Oklahoma. Y did u choose this University?

Y do u want to do masters?

What is ur highest level of education? What's ur CGPA

What is ur GRE Score

What will u do after graduation

Me: Xxx has started business analytics dept in bangalore just 2.5yrs back and I aspire to join the team.

Who is sponsoring u. (Me: Mother)

What does she do? (Me: Business)

What kind of business.

Your visa is approved. (Hands over the green slip)

From my exp: trust me PPL I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep peacefully the night before.

So, first of all believe that you have come a long way and visa is just one of the tasks as part of ur masters. 

And in the 30min of time that I spent in the room waiting for my interview turn, I have noticed all the VO's n they r very friendly unless you don't mess it up.

Make sure you are on point with your answers n don't try explaining too much.


Gre 296


IT exp 3.5yrs

University of Oklahoma: Data Science & Analytics