F1 Visa Interview experience of Ikenna Ugwu at Chennai Consulate on 6-6-2018

Ikenna Ugwu
Visa Type
Interview Date
6-6-2018 6:30 AM

For more context , my interview was on June 20th. I just graduated from my undergrad in the US on May 11th and came back to my home country on June 12th .Here is how my visa interview went:

Me: Good Morning

VO: *ignores and Abruptly Says* So why do you want to study Masters of Quantitative Management

Me: I want to use the tools learnt to make a mark in the entertainment industry. I want to use the concept of data to improve real world problems

VO: I don’t understand but your undergraduate degree was in Mechanical Engineering

Me: Yes I studied Mechanical/ Industrial Engineering and I want to use the knowledge of processes learnt in Industrial Engineering combined with the tools of data to help firms make data driven decisions to improve their profits (summarized cause it’s really long to explain)

VO: *Is following along with me at this point*

So why Duke University

Me: Duke university was the only university I applied to with a well balanced curriculum and a well diverse student population from people all over the world that would give me cultural and interpersonal skills to conquer in my career

VO: Did you take any tests?

Me: Yes the GRE

VO: Can I see a copy ?

Me: I don’t have it on me but I remember I got a 3-

VO: As a serious student, you should have your tests with you at all times

VO: How do you plan on financing your education

Me: I have a loan approved by Prodigy Finance *shows loan document*

VO: Loan is only approved for part of fees . How do you intend to pay the rest

Me: My father is sponsoring the rest of my fees

VO: Can I see any financial statements

Me: Show her pay slips and check statements from his company

VO: these are outdated. *Hands me a white slip*. I’m giving you a temporary refusal. Please go submit your fathers current financial statements at the nearest postal and make sure you give them your passport. Have a nice day.

*At this point I am shocked at how shaky the interview went. I print out my fathers bank statements from his most used bank with transactions from 2013 to 2018 and submit along with my passport. The amount is just enough to cover the tuition and fees*

*My visa is refused under section 214b on the 8th business day stating that I did not show I had enough stein ties to my home country*

*I know I definitely made some mistakes at the interview which could have been prevented with having all adequate documents but I was not expecting to be refused especially seeing as I had two previous approvals for my undergrad study*

*I was truly heartbroken but have decided to apply again. I just need a second opinion to see what went wrong, what specific reason for my refusal was and how I can fix it for my upcoming interview*

How soon do you think I should reapply.

No information provided.