F1 Visa Interview experience of vidya at Chennai Consulate on 29-10-2018

Visa Type
Interview Date
29-10-2018 10:00 AM

I recently converted from H4 to F1 visa .This is how it went .

VO :Good morning .Pass me your I20.

Me:Good morning sir .

VO:So why MTSU ?

Me:Its one of the largest universities in tennesse . It has some ongoing research projects like autonomous mobility that am interested in . The university has offered me 8000$ scholarship recurring each year . 


Me:my husband ,he is in US working in XYZ company .

VO :so why change from H4 to F1?

Me:for graduate assistantship .

VO :what is that ?

Me:I met the program director for interview and applied .He gave positive response . 

VO :will you get paid ?

Me:(nervous)I think so .

VO :But what will you do ?

Me:since the professor works on autonomous mobility I will also work on it and ... (interupts)

VO: But you will get paid ?

Me:Yes sir its an oncampus job . 

VO :whats your GRE ?


VO :Your visa is approved .

Me: Thank you sir .

The VO did not ask for intent to return .

A tip for H4 visa holders - As you are already in the US apply for some assistanships very early during the admission process . The professor may call for a meeting and you might ace it . You never know unless you tried . In my case the prof was a very old man and did most of the talking (phew).No technical questions just about the course work ,academic profile etc . 


Masters in Management information systems

GRE -308

TOEFL -108

GPA -8.3

2 years work experience 3 years career gap