F1 Visa Interview experience of Devender Sarda at Hyderabad Consulate on 18-11-2016

Devender Sarda
Visa Type
Interview Date
18-11-2016 9:00 AM

Finally, it's my turn:

Consulate: Hyderabad

Time: 9:00AM

University: UMKC

Verdict: Approved

Reached consulate by 7:50 AM itself and was allowed inside by 8AM. Went through security check (They ask you even remove your belt, watch etc.,) Next waited for 10 mins and was called for finger prints. And without any delay was sent to counter# 15 where there were 2 couples in front of me for tourist Visa. Both were approved. In the beside counter VO mam rejected 2 f1s and I was pretty damn nervous. Vo mam waved her hand and called me to come forward.

Me: Good Morning Mam

VO: hello Good morning..checking her mic..Am I audible?

Me: yeah Mam

VO: please pass me your I20. Passport was already with her.

Me: Here you go..passed the I20

VO: Are you a student?

Me: No mam. I have been working as software engineer from past 3 and half years

VO: Wow..which company you work in?

Me: Inrhythm Solutions

VO: what do you work on?

Me: I work on developing web application..stammering a bit here..I didn't expect this to be my first question..We work for Altria Client.

VO: You mean Phillip Morris (she was Delighted)

Me: Yeah mam, we deal with retail chain shipment data of cigarettes and cigars

VO: what do you do in the project?

Me: I work as a web developer and involved in development of web application using technologies like asp.net, angular Js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

VO: okay..what is the area of specialization you are going to by looking at the I20?

Me: I'm going for Data Science and Database and Information Management as my area of specialization.

VO: uhuh..That's not related to your work experience right?

Me: It is not directly related..but as I work on a data centric project I have abundant knowledge on Data ware housing and data mining. i'm involved right from requirements gathering phase and get a good know how of how data is managed

VO: seems a little impressed by her expression..you undergraduated in Computer Science right?

Me: No mam. I had electronics and communication as my major.

VO: typing for 2 mins... silence all around...I was damn tensed..I didn't expect these questions..I was prepared for Why UMKC? Why MS? Why USA?

VO: could you pass me you GRE score card?

Me: (Gave the scorecard)

VO: Had a good glance at the score card and typing something for 2 mins

VO: By seeing the I20, your I20 says that you have personal funds..what does personal funds mean? Yours or your parents are also included in that?

Me: Mam, it's including me and my parents..we have total savings of 32 lakhs

VO: what do you parents do?

Me: Dad works as Chief accountant at Bhandari Agencies and mom is a business women

VO: what does she sell?

Me: Sarees dress material and stuff

VO: you mean a kind of boutique

Me: yeah Mam exactly

Vo: typing something again for a minute or two

VO: what is your annual salary?

Me: It's XX lakhs per annum

VO: Thank you..Your Visa is approved, have a nice stay.

Me: Super excited Thank you Mam, Have a nice day..

Next I just ran outside the consulate..

Thank you all for helping and sharing their experiences