F1 Visa Interview experience of Abhilash chowdary at Hyderabad Consulate on 6-6-2018

Abhilash chowdary
Visa Type
Interview Date
6-6-2018 10:30 AM

On June 4 I came to know its a student visa day. So I was happy that student will get approved on that day.On june 5 I collected all my documents for the interview.So on June 6 its my day ,I dint slept properly before night.I arrived the consulate at 9:00am but went inside 10:00am. So in consulate it goes all required formats for security purposes.

So I got counter no 15 VO was male aged between 35-40. He approved one f1 to my previous candidate.

VO: Hi man, Good Morng

me:Hi sir, gud mrng .how are you

VO:fine. Why Ms

Me:Said something that i want to become software engr etc..nd soon on..

VO:what fibonacci series

me: I dint get the accent of vo so i askd repeat again

VO:fibonacci series

me:Still Im not getting it sir.Please repeat it again.

VO:Fibonacci series Boss

me:In tensed i said wrong answer

VO:whats ua gre score

me:282 v:138 q:144

VO:whats ua %ge


VO:how many backlogs

me:1 backlog but i cleared in next attempt only.

VO:typed something in computer .Im sorry i cannot issue visa

me:Thank you Sir,have a nice day

VO:thank you man.

I was not prepared for the interview and my face was soo serious to the visa officer the most is was very nervous.So finally my interview was failed.


GRE:282 IELTS:6 UG(CSE):60.48%(1 BACKLOG)