F1 Visa Interview experience of Rakesh Akurathi at Chennai Consulate on 16-12-2015

Rakesh Akurathi
Visa Type
Interview Date
16-12-2015 9:30 AM

Before me One F1 visa approved. 

Vo is fair guy, age around 28 to 30 years

Vo asked me to come forward 

VO: Gud mrng sir

ME: Gud mrng sir

VO: Pass me your passport and I20

ME: Passed I20 and Passport

VO: What is ur bachelors??

ME: Bachelors in Civil Engineering sir

VO: What's ur ug project?

ME: Planning and Design of pedestrian subway system.

VO: Explain step by step process 

ME: We make a survey where it should be constructed, after that we took detailed measurements and we checked soil profile by doing some lab tests, after that we did a design work on paper for designing box culvert, stair case and finally estimated the cost of the project.

VO: How much u estimated? ?

ME: The project cost 70 lakhs

VO: Ohh... pedestrian is for walkers? ?

ME: yeah!! Sir it is for walkers at junctions. ( I didn't understand this question, I asked him to repeat and repeat and Vo repeated for 5 times and I got panic may I get rejected )

VO: Why BGSU? ?

ME: It's suits my Ug domain. After completing each class work they taking students to site visits for more partical exposure and this impressed me very well to choose this university more over I have discussed with my faculty member about this this university.

VO: Who is ur sponsors ??

ME: my parents sir

VO: What's ur family income? ?

ME: it's 11 lakhs per annam 

VO: What they will do??

ME: My father is landlord and (Vo interrupted me )

VO: Do you have any educational loan?

ME No sir

VO: Ok sir. Ur visa is approved 

Have a nice stay in us.

Thank u sir and you made my day.

So guy's be cool, their more intention is to give visa and not to reject. Just maintain body language and eye contact with them.

Everything goes well.