F1 Visa Interview experience of Naresh P at Hyderabad Consulate on 21-12-2015

Naresh P
Visa Type
Interview Date
21-12-2015 12:30 PM

Hi Guys, Hope everyone doing good!

Preparing for interview from last few days before interview schedule as some one suggested as better to be prepared.

Entered consulate 1 hour before my slot and there is big line. Entered into the queue.

Counter :11, Middle aged person between 30 to 35

Four Rejection in front of me. I was in state of mind am al right and I can do this

Me: Hi Gud Mrng, How are you (With smiling face)

Vo: No response (Serious face)

Vo: Did you wrote GRE ( Whatever the question I pray the god not to come, it's shooted to me)

Me: No

Vo: What you doing now?

Me: Am working for IBM India as Information Security analyst

Vo: Okay, How long you been working ?

Me : Said

Vo: Are you married (With question mark on his face)

Me : Yes. am married

Vo: What she do?

Me : She is working in Tech Mahindra as IT Anlayst

Vo: Will she join in US with you?

Me : I was trying to explain this is short course I will complete n I will comeback (Interuppted...Not at all listening to my words)

Vo : Sir, either tell me yes or no?

Me : I thought my interview gone biscuit, and am getting angry as he is not listening to me. I said NO

Vo: Golden words ( Hope you people what they are)

Me: Thank you ( You idiot with smiling)

Tips : Dont mug  up the answers by seeing the interview experience. If you like the answers just make note of important points and say it in your words

* I read nearly 100+ interviews from various sites, and practised in front of mirror as we need how we are about present ourself in an interview

It was very short interview for me...Thank god

Thank guys for reading the post..



IBM India , 2+ yrs

No GRE, only with IELTS