F1 Visa Interview experience of rsm at Hyderabad Consulate on 2-6-2016

Visa Type
Interview Date
2-6-2016 11:00 AM

After an hour and half hours of wait in a queue, my turn for visa interview ticks:


(no greetings from both sides)

VO: Tell me about this university

Me: xxxx has numerous departments...(was quiet for a moment and suddenly realized to cut the crap and talk to the point), specifically that I know about is Computer Science department which has 5 labs and out of them well known are Data Analysis Lab, Media Research Lab and Lab for Computing in Life Sciences. Prof. xxx and Dr. xxx are coordinators of computing lab that I'm interested in.

VO: Don't tell me all that. I don't want to hear so much. Can you just tell the lab name that you mentioned?

Me: Data Analysis Lab, It's known as xxxx (I saw her typing the same on her keyboard)

VO: What does this lab do?

Me: It does research in Information Retrieval, Search Engines, Clustering, Classification algorithms applicable to computing in life science domain

VO: Who is going to sponsor you?

Me: My personal savings and my uncle

VO: Whats your income?

Me: In last financial year, xx lacs earned and xx saved

VO: But that is not sufficient for 2 years.

Me: That is only last year’s saving ma’am. I have been working for 6 years now, and I have my uncle who is going to sponsor too.

VO: How much did you save?

Me: Last year, xx L and earlier years x L

VO: Please tell me the total.

Me: xxL

VO: That is also not sufficient.

VO: Where do you work?

Me: xxx

VO: 6 years at xxx?

Me: No Ma'am, I have changed employer in between. Earlier, I was working with abc.

VO: What do you do?

Me: I work as a Software Engineer.

VO: What does your uncle do?

Me: He is a general merchant and is into this business for more than 30 years now.

VO: (looking at bank statements) this amount is not sufficient for 2 years.

Me: silent and wondering (I had xx Lacs INR and university's fee for living+tuition for 2 years was just 3 lacs less than what I had. so was confused as to how much was she expecting, and was about to tell something and she interrupted)

VO: What are these huge transaction that happened into your account last month on some date?

Me: That's my uncle who made transfer of xxL to my account to vouch that he will be able to provide required liquid funds soon as I join university.

VO: Where are these transactions in his bank statements, I don’t see them.

Me: (wondering again) and said, ma'am it should be there and  I also have CA statements that I can produce if you'd like to have a look at.

VO: No no, I don't like all that. These documents are sufficient( They were bank statement of mine and uncle's, I20, admit letter)

VO: (after few seconds of gazing at statements) oh I see RTGS, sorry I was confused. Ok, which is your account, Indian Overseas?

Me: Yes Ma'am

VO: Where is the total amount in this statement? (She herself turned to last page), and said, oh ok, you have credit of xxL.

Me: Yes Ma'am, that's six months credit.

VO: Fine, this should be sufficient.

VO: In your admit letter, there is "conditionally classified" statement, what is that? Did you score less in any test and will you take additional course for that, is it?

Me: Yes Ma'am, that was due to low score in writing section of English test and yes, I will take Graduate Level writing course.

VO: (Left desk and went away for a minute)

VO: What's your company name?

Me: xxx

VO: Ok, your visa is issued(dropped my passport in shelf), please take these docs. next.



Applied to MS computer Science SFSU
My background: 6 years experience as Software Engineer, BE in Instrumentation Technology.