F1 Visa Interview experience of Mappy at Mumbai Consulate on 6-7-2017

Visa Type
Interview Date
6-7-2017 9:30 AM

I gave 4 time interview but all time reject 

vo: hi how are you 

me :- I am good thank u 

vo:- why you want to go Usa ?

me : to get mba for abc college 

vo:- how many i20 did u apply for 

me:- I ans 5 

Vo:- how many I20 u hold ? 

Me I said 2 

Vo : who pay you ?

me :- my father 

vo : what's your Ietls score ?

me its 5 band 

vo when you finish bechlors 

me I said I have complete on 2011 

vo : what did you do till yet 

me : I ans I was handle my father parents but while working with father business I realize that due to lack of proper qualification in am not able to move ahead in my career so I have decried to study now at this stage 

vo : how many admits ?

me I  can't give it proper answer 

vo: he game me back my passport n i20 n reject 

but I am going to apply ones again in 28/29 July any suggestion   ?? 


Please suggest me at least I can find my wrong ans n gave good answer next time