F1 Visa Interview experience of Viharika Reddy at Hyderabad Consulate on 8-6-2016

Viharika Reddy
Visa Type
Interview Date
8-6-2016 10:30 AM

Visa Experience June 8th 2016

Consulate : Hyderabad

Time : 10.30 am

Status : Approved

Me : Good Morning Ma'am

Vo : Pass me your passport and i20

Me : Sure, Here it is

Vo : Looking at the i20... Oh university of Cincinnati!! Nice!! U have been awarded scholarship also! ( with a smile)

Me : Yes Ma'am. The scholarship covers 85% of my tution fees.

Vo : Nice nice with a smile. I guess its 75%

Me : No ma'am. It's 83% funding

Vo : okay. Which yr pass out?

Me : This year. May 2016

Vo : Are the 4th yr reults out? 

Me : No ma'am, Will get the results by june ending

Vo : okay. As of now wat is ur UG % ?

Me : 90%

Vo : 90% great (with a smile)

Wat is your favourite subject in UG?

Me : Data Base Management Systems

Vo : Why do you like that subject?

Me : gave few lines of explanation

Vo : Who is sponsoring you?

Me : My parents

We have FD's of Rs. 22 lakhs and savings of Rs. 14 lakhs

Vo :  pass me the CA report nd all Fd's and bank statements

( She was going through the papers)

Vo : One of these FD's are recent fd's which have been deposited recently in the month of may. From where did you get this money?

Me : Gave an explanation

Vo : What does your father do?

Me : Told

Vo : What is your fathers annual income?

Me : Told

Vo : pass me your fathers pass book

Me : gave all the pass books

Vo : Typing something and was looking at all the passbooks for 5 mins

Me  : Waiting for Vo's reply!!

Vo : kept my passport aside and said your visa is approved!!!

Me : Thank you ma'am. Have a nice day!


University of Cincinnati, Ohio state.