F1 Visa Interview experience of GopiMarella at Chennai Consulate on 25-7-2019

Visa Type
Interview Date
25-7-2019 7:30 AM


Me: good morning mam

VO: good morning, pass me your passport and I20.

Me: passed

VO: Texas A&M University- kingsville

Me: yes mam

VO: what is the highest degree you have?

Me: I completed bachelor of technology in the stream of Mechanical engineering at KL University in the year 2018.

Vo: what are you doing since 2018?

Me: I got certified in 2 mechanical softwares and I did 6 months internship in Sri Krishna enviro engineers where I got thought of starting my own startup. so I wrote gre and IELTS exam. thats makes an year.

Vo: what other universities you got?

Me: sorry, can you please repeat the question?

Vo: repeated the question?

Me: I got 3 admits. Rowan University, University of New Haven and Texas A&M University.

Vo: who is sponsoring you?

Me: State Bank of India sanction me an education loan of 18 lakhs indian rupees. My father having a saving amount of 8 lakhs in his account and University provide me with a scholarship of 8470$. I think that will be more than enough for my master's.

Typed for 1 minute

Vo: will you totally depend on loan and scholarship?

Me: No mam, my father having a saving amount of 8 lakhs and we have immovable property of 2 crores 76 lakhs.

Vo: sorry, we cannot give you visa right now. Please go through the 214b and reapply.

Me: mam, may I know the reason for my rejection.

Vo: you can check it in this form.



Gre-295 (159 - quant)

UG gpa- 7.39

College - Texas A&M University- kingsville